• Tripass Multi Fuel Boiler

    The Tripass is a genuine 3 pass boiler can comes in sizes from 20kW to 5000kW.The Tripass is fueled by a Vale underfeed stoker for Wood or Coal and can also be configured for firing on LPG or Diesel if required.

  • Toshiba (Cosy Toes)

    The Toshiba floor model is very unique in that it can distribute 100% of it heated air to to the floor from the lower grilles hence the "Cosy Toes" nick name.

  • Fujitsu (Slimline)

  • Fujitsu (Big Bertha)

    Rayners say if you are considering heat pumps for your home heating then the first consideration should be floor mounted consoles before high wall mounted units. Currently the Fujitsu range has the higher outputs with the 8kW nominal heating unit being the biggest seller. Where this unit is not...

  • Fujitsu (Ducted System)

    Ducted systems are used for whole house heating or multi rooms, the indoor unity is hidden in the ceiling space laving ceiling diffusers as the only visible parts.

  •  4-pipe installations suit clients with a long term perspective due to plant longevity and ability to be retrofitted without reliance on proprietary software.4-pipe systems have a life expectancy of 20-25 years* when compared to a typical VRF or split system which can be as low as 10-12 years*...

  • From $85.00 we will service your heat pump, clean indoor filters, clean outdoor coils, check operation, take air/on, air/off readings and advise if any poor performance is identified.NOTE: this fixed fee does not include stripping out the coil for cleaning or repairs diagnosed as part of the...

  • From $85.00 we will service your fire, replace door and glass ropes, adjust door and report on the fires condition and advise if any consumable parts are due for replacement.NOTE: this fixed fee does not include bricks, baffles, flues or any repairs other than noted above.


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